Domestic violence – Pregnant woman battered husband in Jos.

Residence of Ndagi farouq,  in Jos north has on saturday witnessed an unusual situation when a pregnant woman in the neighbourhood threw a stone on her husband and battered his face.
The incidence occured around 10-11pm on Saturday when the neighbours were hearing uncisant cries of a grown up man. Many had thought the neighbours had lost a relative. But when the crying was persistent, people rush to the direction where a man was found crying in the pool of his blood as his face was totally disfigured due to the impact of the stone. 
However,  when the woman was question about her action, she said she did it out of self defence. According to her the husband who came home drunk has descended on her beating her mercilessly, the woman who is about 7 months pregnant said she had escaped and ran out of the house but the husband was still after her. She further confessed that, ” I just threw the stone at him so that he can stop following me but I never meant any phisical harm
Meanwhile,  a neighbour of the victims said the woman is always fund of provoking her husband,  and the Saturdays incidence was not an exception. Neighbours however took the husband to the hospital to have his wound dressed as the police were not involved. More photos of the bloody scene below.