Family of 5 burnt to dead in a fire in Bukuru, Jos plateau state.

Five members of  a man Called Adamu Yusuf of Madaki street of yanwake area in Bukuru Jos south LG including his wife and three children reportedly lost their lives in a fire accident which engulf their home.

Eye witnesss alledged that the incidence occured around 3am Saturday night, where the electric light has gone off,  but the neighbours suspects it was as the result of the spark before the light went off.

A neighbour of the deceased Maryam Lawal who narrated how she heard strong  wind blowing into her window and the roof of her room while smook was also entering the room. She quickly rushed outside to see what was happening but saw the massive fire,  she quickly raised alarm where the neighbours came out and tried to render assistance by quenching the fire. But unfortunatelybefore they could get to mallard Adamu and his family, they had all passed away.

Father of the deceased Yusuf Lantarki, was devastated on the sad incident that took away his son and his entire family,  stressing how close him and his grand children has became.

However, one daughter out of Adamu’s 4 children as well as the only survivor in the family was said to have spent that particular night at her grandparents house that was how she was saved from the tragedy.

They have since been buried accordingly, may their souls rest in perfect peace.