-When do we stop all this competitive religiosity? AISHA Yusuf.

Aisha Yusuf  the Convener of Bring Back Our Girls Group, BBOG  has slammed the federal government of Nigeria for announcing public holiday to celebrate this year’s Eid-El-Maulud.

Aisha described the holiday as wasteful and an act of competitive religiousity, urging the Buhari administration to focus on helping Nigerians than otherwise.

Aisha wrote this on her twitter handle: “Nigeria and our need for wasteful holidays. Which one is public holiday for Maulud? When did we start celebrating Maulud?
“When do we stop all this “competitive religiosity” and focus on doing good for humanity?
“The first Maulud to be a public holiday in Nigeria was declared for Monday, 9 March 2009 by Godwin Abbe, then minister of interior under Yar’Adua’s administration.”