Tuggar urges Nigerians in the Netherlands to stimulate Nigeria’s economic growth

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tuggar has met with Nigerian professionals in the Netherlands ahead of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s participation at the Nigeria-Dutch Business and Investment Forum.


The event, which took place on February 24, 2024, provided a platform for fruitful discussions on various topics of importance to the Nigerian diaspora community.


The Minister emphasized the importance of fostering strong ties between Nigeria and its diaspora communities worldwide.

He highlighted the “Tinubu 4Ds” framework, which focuses on Democracy, Development, Demography and Diaspora as central pillars for engaging with Nigerians abroad.


Tuggar posited that the administration of President Tinubu recognizes the immense potential of the Nigerian diaspora in driving national development and that the government is committed to creating enabling environments for diaspora investments and contributions to key sectors of the economy.


He also submitted that the government remains dedicated to upholding the dignity and rights of Nigerians living abroad. In addition to discussing the Tinubu 4Ds framework, the engagement also focused on investment opportunities in Nigeria.


The Honourable Minister highlighted the favourable business climate, ongoing economic reforms, and investment incentives available to Nigerians in the diaspora interested in investing back home.

He also informed the gathering that the government is committed to ensuring Financial Vehicles such as the Diaspora Fund which will harness funds to be used for infrastructure, healthcare, and agricultural programmes.


He further stated that one of the priorities of the government via its 4D Foreign Policy will prioritize the diaspora by establishing frameworks such as the Diaspora Fund and Sector-based communities that make it possible to harness the greatness of the Nigerian Diaspora in the Netherlands via its skills and ideas to drive development back home.


The Minister also reiterated the government’s commitment to exploring mechanisms for granting dual citizenship to Nigerians abroad and enabling diaspora voting in future elections.