President Tinubu has approved the appointment of Chargé d’affaires (en titre) CDAs and Consuls General


President Bola Tinubu has approved the appointment of Chargé d’affaires (en titre) CDAs and Consuls General.


The names of charge D’affaires (En Titre) are as follows;

1.Amb. Saidu Mohammed DODO
Damascus – Syria

2.Amb. Patrick Imoudu
IMOLOGHOME Pyongyang – Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea

3.Amb. Francisca Kemi OMAYULI – Singapore, Singapore

4.Amb. Babagana AHMADU
Bangui – Central African Republic

5.Amb. Mohammed MOHAMMED
Tripoli – Libya


1.Amb. Auwalu Jega NAMADINA – Atlanta, USA

2.Amb. Nnamdi Okechukwu NZE
Bata – Equatorial Guinea

3.Amb. Francis Ntui ENYA –
Douala Cameroon

4.Amb. Gbadebo AFOLABI –
Shanghai, China

5.Amb. Oludare Ezekiel FOLOWOSELE –
Hong Kong, China

6.Amb. Abubakar JIDDA –
New York, USA

7.Amb. Yakubu Audu DADU –
Frankfurt, Germany

8.Amb. Taofik Obasanjo – Coker
Buea, Cameroon

9.Amb. George Collins ONWUEKWE –
Guangzhou, China

10.Amb. Umar Ibrahim BASHIR –
Johannesburg, South Africa

11.Amb. Zayyan IBRAHIM –
Dubai, UAE

12.Amb. Muazam Ibrahim Jibrin NAYAYA – Jedda, Saudi Arabia

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tuggar has urged the appointed Chargé D’affaires and Consuls General to serve as effective representatives of Nigeria, highlighting their crucial role in furthering President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s economic goals.


He emphasized the importance of remaining focused on their diplomatic duties as experienced diplomats, urging them to steer clear of engaging in political activities and instead rededicate themselves to the noble pursuit of diplomacy for the benefit of Nigeria’s progress and common good.


Representing the newly appointed individuals, Ambassador Abubakar Jidda, the just designated Consul General for the Consulate in New York, emphasized his colleagues’ dedication to maintaining the principles of their profession and promised to attract crucial investments to the country.


He also expressed gratitude to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for entrusting them with this responsibility. The newly appointed individuals are expected to start their duties right away.