Stressful morning in Jos as trycicle riders embark on a protest.

The trycicle riders in Jos popularly called keke Napep has today embarked on a strike action, their reason for the protest is that the government has just established a law forcing them to make driving licence. Stressing that VIO are always harassing them.

rasheedatblogspot spoke with some of the trycicle riders exclusively,  and they express their grievances on the development.One of the riders who doesn’t want his name to be mentioned said, the license cannot be used to drive a car it can only be used for the keke Napep but it cost #7000.

Some of his colleagues who randomly spoke said if the government wants to ban the riding of trycicle let them just do that,  but this, according to them is extortion.  They pleaded with the government to just allow them to continue using the permit which was what they were initially using.

People can be seen trekking to their verious destination as the only means of transportation is not available. Meanwhile at the polo area the military were seen negotiating with the members.

However, the story was a bit different at the NTA park  Jos where the members seems more organised and we’re carrying placards and chanting bamwa so VIO, bamwa so Lalong cire VIO. They immediately became violent on sighting some of their members working, they rushed on them and started vandalising their trycicles. The Nta gate has to be swiftly locked as they were heading to that direction. See more photos below.