Nigerian men doesn’t posses the quality I was looking for, Nollywood actress Naomi Nkechi Emmanuel.

Nollywood actress Naomi Nkechi Emmanuel has made it clear why she chose to settle down with a white man rather than a nigerian man, the actress disclosed this in an interview with The Sun.

According to Naomi,  most Nigeria men do not posses the qualities  she was searching for in a man so she can never walk down the aisle with them.
Titi, in the  popular TV sitcom Clinic Matters drama also disclosed that she is in a serious  relationship with an Oyinbo lover whom she had met while on location. Emmanuel also revealed that her bride price has been paid for and her white wedding is also on the way.
She gushes about the bretish man saying:“I am not single anymore. My bride price has already been paid, and soon my church wedding would take place. He is everything I wanted in a man. He is everything I have always asked God for. He is a man I love so much.” She further stated that all the Nigerian men she had met were not of standard until she met her British fience.

She said: “Nigerian men came for me but they didn’t possess the qualities that I want in a man. But I met my man when I was on location. The whole thing started like small feelings and it later blossomed.

In an earlier post on instagram, Naomi had reigned praises to her man, discribed the ring he gave her and said it did melt her heart.