Opinion- How plateau state need to recreate the Jos museum as a source of income.

Taking a look at the Jos museum one wouldn’t help but recall how the state has produced one of the biggest mineral resources to the world. Although some of us were not in existence then, but we got to hear the story from our parents on how the state was a place of activities.

Today, even though Tin mining is no longer in existence, One cannot look the other way after seeing this powerful historic machines. Although in my personal opinion the government is not doing much in terms of preserving this generational history which may be lost if care is not taken.  Yes events still happens there once in a while, but the museum can be made more presentable to attract more attention from the outside world.

They probably look desarted and so unkept and caged just for safety. Well I would have suggest that more should be done in terms of creating more enabling environment like fun parks for the children, probably look for people willing to invest in other beautiful scenes to make it lively, this I think may generate some revenue income to the state. At least there’s no herm in trying.