Kourtney Kardashian is actually pregnant, now its been confirmed.

38 year-old  Kourtney Kardashian was rumoured weeks back about being pregnant,  well it seems it has been confirmed.  Kourtne whos has been datingn Younes Bendjima for ayear now 
However, it’s quite easy to believe an alternative pregnancy rumor, which has surfaced today – that Kourtney would get pregnant by Younes.
Kourtney has stated several times in the past that she’s not finished procreating and is well aware that she’s not getting any younger.
“Kourtney is pregnant,” a source tells In Touch, adding that at this point, she and Younes are only telling close family and friends.
“She wants at least six and is ready for No. 4.”
The mpther of three has spoken about her goal of having six kids – perhaps not coincidentally, the number her own mom has – several times in the past.
We can only assume she has a lot of farmland to work or is secretly a Duggar, because who the hell sets out to have that many kids in 2017?
But we digress.
Apparently, Kourt believes that Younes is ideal father material, and according to the source she’s wasting no time in taking another step.
“She needs a man who will be both present and sober and knows Younes will make a great father,” claims the insider.
A separate source confirms to Life & Style that Kourt is indeed taking a step toward her goal of siring a massive brood.
“She was absolutely thrilled to learn she was expecting,”  a source tells the supermarket staple celebrity gossip magazine.
“She just loves being part of a large family and having so many siblings, and she wants the same for Penelope, Mason, and Reign.”
 Kourtney just wants her three children to feel that they’re part of a large family – one that’s getting a lot larger in 2018, Kris JAnne is so gonna hAve a buse year come 2018..