Barack and Michelle Obama celebrates 25th wedding anniversary.

Former American president Barack Obama and his dear wife Michelle Obama has today celebrated their 25 years of their being together as husband and wife.

In a tribute on instagram,  the former first lady took to instagram discribed the ex president as her best friend. Using their wedding photo she wrote “A quarter of a century later, you’re still my best friend and the most extraordinary man I know. I love you”.

The 25 years old marriege has been blessed with two daughters Malia, 19, and Sasha, 16, Michelle and Obama reportedly tied the knot at Chicago’s Trinity Church of Christ in front of 200 guests. “It was beautiful,” as was discribed by Michelle’s close friend, PR exec Yvonne Davila.

Now, 25 years later, the couple are solid as ever. In Barack’s emotional farewell speech in January 2017, he praised Michelle for taking on her role “with grace and grit and style and good humor” and for making the White House “a place that belongs to everybody.”

The 56-year-old also praised their girls, who were children when they moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “Under the strangest of circumstances, you have become two amazing young women, smart and beautiful, but more importantly, kind and thoughtful and full of passion,” he gushed. “You wore the burden of years in the spotlight so easily. Of all that I’ve done in my life, I’m most proud to be your dad.”