Catholic priest called for proscription of Can and JNI..

A catholic priest reverend father Gabriel Teruwose, has called on the federal government for the proscription of Christian Association of Nigeria and Jamatul Nasrul Islam – The Reverend father claimed such step would go a long way to stem the tide of religious crisis being instigated in the country. According to him,  proscription of the two organizations would show adherence to Nigerian Constitution which states that the country is a multi-religious state

  “CAN and JNI should be proscribed because apart from their failed mandate of advancing religious interests that these bodies have constituted themselves into a political organization, often deployed to pursue political interests.”

 “The establishment of an independent Religious Equity Commission whose mandate should be to ensure that there is no discrimination among Nigerians on basis of faith. CAN and JNI should be completely banned in the country.”