The former governor of Abia State Mr Orji Uzo Kalu, says the agitation by the indegenious people of Biafra IPOB is not sincere, his comment was as a result of declaration from some angles naming the group as a terrorist organization. 
Addressing reporters in Abia State, the former governor condemned the activities of the group who he said were only being used by politicians for political reasons.
These boys (IPOB supporters) are not capable of holding anybody to ransom because they are not sincere; fight for Biafra is not a sincere fight, it is an instruction,” he said.
Let me be honest with you, some politicians were playing politics with it, they are taking these boys to help them to win the election. It’s impossible, it’s not our law, it’s not our way; election must be democratically done.”
However, Kalu also backed the deployment of soldiers to the region, saying the group’s activities were challenging Nigeria’s sovereignty. According to him,  he had visited some parts of the state to see things for himself and the situation is not something to be handled just by the police.
I don’t know why people are shouting all over. I’m in Abia, I have seen mostly all the security chiefs. I’ve gone round Aba, I’ve gone round to see things by myself.
“When you go to a place somebody sews army uniform, somebody says he has a Biafran intelligence agency, somebody tells you he has Biafran army, do you need to bring police? You don’t need to bring police for God’s sakes; you need to roll out the Army because he has challenged the sovereignty of our nation and that is what it is,” the former governor said.
He, however, urged the Federal Government to consider the report of the 2014 Confab, to help douse the gale of agitations across the land. Urging that an additional state be created in the Sauth east region.
He said, “We must come back to see how Igbos, everywhere we are, must get equity; restructure is the only way that we can go. The country must restructure, restructuring does not mean divide the country; restructuring means put things in order.”
“We should go back to the conference resolutions, let’s start with that because that was constituted fairly. I’m pleading with the Federal Government and everybody to back with the 2014 Confab report.
“Let us implement it and they should know that the South-East should have one more state to be able to balance,” said the former governor.