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A recent make survey, has shown that the price of foodstuffs has crash in the market. In this analysis by the news agency of Nigeria ( NAN ) vitally the major consumables have come down therefore citizens can now have some relief.

This Plateau State man Yohanna Gyang, a major farmer in Zawan, near Bukuru, explained that 2017 was generally good “for every serious farmer”.

 “The rains were very kind this year; they came early and remained steady. “The security situation has also improved, making it possible for farmers to go to their farms. “Not long ago, it was dangerous to go to the farm. It was equally dangerous to harvest farm produce because attackers were always lurking around with guns. But peace has returned. “Government also tried and gave us some fertiliser. Unlike previous years, the fertiliser came early this year. So, we took advantage of that to farm early and massively,” he said.

 A petty trader at Miango market in Bassa local government, Mrs. Kaneng Pamzi, attributed the reduction in the prices of food items to the flooding of the markets with new farm produce “by many farmers at the same time” . 

Prices of yam, sweet potatoes, ground nut, cassava and other items that I sell, have all gone down from where we buy, that is why we are also selling them for this low prices here,” she said. She said that the harvest season had brought in more food into the markets but with fewer buyers because civil servants, who used to be major buyers of yam, now consume their produce because a lot of them have embraced farming. 

“Some civil servants, who have embraced the farming business, have also saturated the market with their farm produce; they used to be buyers, but they have joined us to beg for buyers in the market,” she said.