137 scholars sponsored by TETFund absconded abroad-Sonny Echono


Over 137 scholars sponsored abroad through Nigeria’s Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) have reportedly absconded as confirmed by Sonny Echono, Executive Secretary of the agency.


Echono said this while appearing before the house of representatives ad hoc committee investigating the alleged “abuse” of N2.3 trillion tertiary education tax by TETFund, Echono noted that the scholars who were sponsored by TETFund for “higher education” abroad refused to return to the country after completing their programmes.


He further revealed that TETFund is working with stakeholders for “stringent and effective measures” to be taken against those who refuse to return to the country for Nigerians to benefit from their expertise.


The TETFund ES added that such persons will be forced to repay the money expended on their programmes or they will be declared persona non grata.

Echono said;

“Some of the scholars that have been sponsored, unpatriotically when they go, they enjoy our scholarship, acquire a higher degree, then refuse to come back. It has become a major crisis.

“The scholarship requires that you will come back. It is required that you have a guarantor and in many cases, the guarantor has suffered undue hardship because when you disappear, we hold the guarantor to pay all the money expended on your behalf but that has not been effective.

“We believe that in a system where we work with our embassies and the institutions, we can enforce the repayment for those who insist they will not come back.

“We will write to the embassies and they will make it available to those countries and they will not be able to get jobs. They will be seen as fugitives of law from their countries.

“We may have to take that hard stand because the numbers are alarming. We just checked about 40 institutions and over 137 absconders and the review is ongoing.

“It is a huge number that we cannot afford and so we will be seeking your support to strengthen some of the existing regulations to ensure that those who benefit from this programme must come back.

“We are not against people looking for greener pastures but do so on your own, not through our scholarship or our sponsorship.