NNPP alleges plans by APC to use thugs to desrupt Saturdays Governorship elections



The New Nigeria People Party (NNPP) Kano state chapter has allerged that the ruling All-prograssive congress APC in Kano and it’s leader Governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has hired Bandits and professional killers to Distrupt the in coming gubernatorial elections schedule on 11th March, 2023.



The NNPP Chairman in Kano Umar Haruna Doguwa said this at a press conference on Monday 6th through Kano state Senatorial candidate Dr. Baffa Bichi.



Acxorsing to the allegation, the ruling APC in Kano has hired thousands of bandits from Chad and Niger republic as well as from Katsina, Kaduna, Niger, Bauchi, Gombe states and brought into the state with heavy weapons including guns, machetes and were position across 44 local government areas.



Bichi said:


“It is also worthy of note to inform public that Ganduje has granted
pardon to a number of convicted murderers who were sentenced to
death by competent courts of law. Only late last year he commuted the death sentences of these murderers to life imprisonment and last week he granted pardon to all of them.


He said the APC in collaboration with bad eggs within the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Kano office has organized tactically to delays the distribution of sensitive materials to the polling units in the designated areas so as to ensure that majority of the voters are disenfranchised.


“And the ring leader at INEC that is anchoring every nefarious plan of Gandujiya to subvert the Will of the people is the Commission’s State Admin Secretary, one Mr. Garba Lawan, who ought to have retired from service months ago, but Mr. Ganduje bribed his way to get him retained illegally so that they can use him, as they did in 2019, to steal the election in Kano state.”


He also said the party is aware that local governments chairmen in all the 44 local government councils in the state have already convened a meeting with all ad hoc staff or INEC in their local governments with the sole intention of Compromising the elections, among the instructions given to these ad hoc staff


A. Delaying the election process in whatever way possible

B. Deliberate disruption of the BVAS machine and making accreditation impossible in targeted polling units;

C. Destroying results sheets in PUs that the ruling party is losing;

D. Ensuring that used ballots are smuggled into the boxes to ensure
over-voting and cancellation in all our strongholds; and

E. Ensuring that no result is posted to the iReV server by any presiding

He said Already some large sum of money in foreign currency was advanced to the adhoc staff that attended the meetings to share as part payment with a promise to give them allocations of land at the end of the exercise. And the sum of N20,000.00 is being transferred to the accounts of many ad hoc staff allegedly from the Kano state government.”


Others according to Doguwa was planned Disruption of collation centers as arrangements have already been completed between the ruling party in Kano and some compromised law enforcement agents as well as some adhoc staff of INEC to ensure that collation centers are disrupted and results are destroyed.


According to him they are also planning massive vote buying and voter intimidation despite the new naira policy which the government claimed was intended to end the scutage of vote-buying during elections.


He also emphasize that APC lead by Governor Ganduje in collaboration with security agencies deeply plans to selective arrest and intimidation of NNPP leaders in the State.


He said it is important to inform the President and indeed all Nigerians, and to request the Commander-in-Chief to intervene and call the heads of law enforcement agencies to stop playing into the hands of Mr. Ganduje by doing his biddings of arresting our leaders.



The party lastly Called on president Muhammad Buhari and all security agencies nationwide to ensure people atmosphere to everyone in Kano saying that the NNPP can’t guarantee stopping their members if the election wash it disrupted or stolen.