Mum rain curses on her daughter over malice



A yet-to-be-identified woman has rained curses on her daughter, Chinyere, as is seen in a video posted by a Facebook user, Charles Ogbu, on Wednesday.


The woman, who claimed that her daughter did not speak to her on her traditional wedding day said that her daughter, Chinyere, would suffer and continue to beg for food.


The woman who spoke in Igbo said, “I thank you god for giving me the strength to raise Chinyere Judith Benson Nduru Okoye, and on the day that they were to pay her brideprice, Chinyere and her husband didn’t speak to me.


“She got married, got pregnant for two children, and her husband’s mother went for Omugwo. I did not know when she got married. The way I have spoken, God of Godspower, so long as I gave birth to her and she suckled on my breast, Chinyere will continue to suffer in this life. She takes me for granted even though I did not offend her,  I paid for her school fees, and WAEC and then she got married in Enugu state.


“Her name is  Chinyere Judith Ojukwu. God who made her get married will never see anything good in her life. If she doesn’t talk about what I did to her, her, and her husband, If I have another God, God will not do it for me but if I don’t have another God, I am calling on God who is alive to fight for me. Including any man and woman who feed her with words and any person who is eating what belongs to me; what belongs to them will never get to them. They will continue to beg for food and eat sand.”


“Chinyere Judith Ojukwu you will continue to suffer and it will never be well with you in Jesus name, Amen. Chinyere, as I am carrying this sand and throwing it, Chinyere, you will continue to suffer in Jesus name.”


Credit: Facebook | Charles Ogbu

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