Review of a movie “The Single Mums Club”

Single motherhood can be very challenging when you have to serve as both parents to your kids.

In most cases, some of the children does not value what you offer because they are always with the mother and all the excuses to blame her for every little thing will be there.

The fathers who usually play their role from a distance tend to have more value from some children thinking they are the best because they carter for them financially and spoil them once in a while.

It is not about competition but value and that the interest of that child who is still growing and needs a lot of guidance.

This usually pose a very big challenge to the woman and she loses herself and her personal life in the process..

I watch Tyler Perry’s “The Single Mums Club” and I can’t help but agree with the five women and the choices they made and how they chose to run their lives.

They tried to juggle in between their careers and children, however, made most of them celibate for many years just to focus on what they felt was their primary duties as mums.

It is not such a bad idea for any woman to choose that bit must times she usually gets drained and forgets herself in the process.

Although most times it’s not up to the woman to stay alone without anyone in her life but the thought of who will be good for her and who will want to take her with allbher children especially when the number of children are much for any man to overlook.

The film made me reflect on myself as a single mother and some of the choices I have to make just to remain a mother and a role model to my children.

Society on the other hand is not favourable to these groups of ladies who are doing their best to survive because alot of discrimination and stigma pushed most of them to the background by not giving them a chance to leave again.

Some of these things occurred due to no fault of theirs but they embraced themselves and are trying to make changes and makes something worthwhile in their lives.

If I am to rate that film based on the true life experience I have and still have, I will give it a 9 out of 10 because it captures the reality of single mums

The movie also portrays how some male parent-run away from paying child support to carter for the woman and her children. That is another bad angle of being a single mum.

Because there is no how one can run the home without finances and there are tones of responsibility staring in the face.

I, therefore, recommend for every mother and single mo/her to watch this movie and giv3 it your rating.