Former Senator Ben Murray Bruce speaks on why Nigerian should adopt electric cars

Former Senator Ben Murray Bruce has explained why he had earlier suggested that Nigeria should adopt the use of electric cars come 2035.

According to the Silver Bird boss he is currently working on a green revolution robust plan to enable Nigeria to have solar energy to power the vehicles not necessarily light.

The senator said this in a thread on the tweet.

Read the thread;

When I deposited payment for the Lucid Electric Car, @LucidMotors, I also made a call for Nigeria to ban all combustion engine cars by 2035.

Many misunderstood my call because they didn’t think it will be possible in a country with terrible electricity.

The truth is, electricity isn’t a hindrance.

I am currently working on a robust green revolution plan for #Nigeria, where electric cars would be powered by the sun. We will not need electric power, petrol or diesel for our vehicles to function.

Every Nigerian will have solar panels at home and backed by a law that will require all new houses to possess the same.

The other good news is that we will make solar panels in Nigeria and assemble electric cars in Nigeria.

A cleaner environment for all Nigerians is near, and I am committed to this.