How a woman reportedly throws hot water on an accused in court.

A plaintif, Elizabeth David, reportedly poured hot water on a defendant in her case, Viani Okafor, at the doorstep of the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Damaturu, Yobe State yesterday. 

The said Elizabeth, who was not comfortable with the adjournment of her case, emptied a large flask of hot water on Viani, inflicting serious burns on her back.

It took the intervention of the police to stop the unruly complainant from hitting the accused with a heavy stone. Viani was immediately rushed to a hospital, while Elizabeth was detained at the C Division police station in Damaturu. 

Elizabeth who express her frustration, told the police that she got provoked after the case was adjourned for the third time at the instance of the accused. The presiding Magistrate, Mrs Hasiya Abubakar, adjourned the case to February 15. 2018. Earlier, the police prosecutor, Moses Tunjimi, told the court that on December 26, 2018 that Elizabeth reported to the police station that Viani trespassed into her house and defamed her character by saying her husband had not paid her bride price.