Iceland decleared illegally the payment of more salary to men than women on the same Job.

Iceland reportedly introduced a law that made it illegal for men to paid more salary than women while doing the same work. This decision was taken way back in March 2017 and the new law has taken effect on this new year of 2018 Aljazeera said.

Now, the island Nordic country is the first in the world to legally require all companies with 25 employees or more to prove that they pay women and men equally. Companies will have to undergo certification every three years to ensure that their pay policies follow the rules. Those that fail to prove pay parity will face fines.
Meanwhile,  the Iceland law has also made countries like America to give fair treat to women and men working on the same job, although they pay balance has not been enforced yet because women still make only 80%as regarding men in terms of pay. This development ranks first on the world economic forum of 2015 global gender gab index.