Trending Photo of a 90 year old grandma, who refuses to give up on education.

When some young folks are wallowing in self pity for not achieving anything in life, or not having the chance to get a formal education,  this 90 year old grandma has proven to not give up on herself..

The 90-year-old Priscilla Sitienei, is said to hails from Eldoret, Uasin Gishu county, and she has decided to enrolled in a primary school in Kenya. Priscilla chose to attend school simply because she had an eagerness to read the Bible and learn how to send an SMS on her phone, states.

The relentless grandmother is enrolled at Vision preparatory and she is schoolmate with seven of her grandchildren. Priscilla affectionately referred to as Gogo, which is the grandmother in Kalenjin, dedicated much of her life to raising her children and was a midwife for 65 years. She grew up under colonial rule and did not get the opportunity to go to school, so she took to education at her old age in a bid to empower herself.

So, are you still complaining or thinking you are to old for classroom? Better have a rethink I’ll say.