Daughter of Lagos oil millionaire DJ Cuppy says she will like to be proposed to in Disney Land.

Florence ‘DJ Cuppy’ Otedola says Nigerian staple, amala, is important to her and anyone who doesn’t eat it can’t be a part of her life.
Cuppy, who is the daughter of Femi Otedola, one of Nigeria’s oil richest men, made this known in a game show on Ndani TV.

According to her: “My go-to meal is amala, ewedu and obe didin snail, it just sorts me out. When I meet people that say they don’t eat amala, I ask why? Some people say they are scared of it, it’s like the best thing in the world.
She said you could risk hanging out with her if you don’tlike Amala, the DJ further states that she will wish to be proposed to in Disney land in California,  says it’s her most favourable place in the world.
“I am kind of obsessed with Disney, it’s like a thing for me. I love Disney movies. I actually want to be proposed to in Disneyland so if my future husband is watching this, heads up.
“A lot of people know that I collect Mickey Mouses so my obsession with Disney is very serious.”
DJ Cuppy 25, reportedly dated a nigerian footballer Victor Anichebe, in 2017. Says she can never seem to finish books despite the fact that she started writing her own book when she was 13.