Update on the Amstrek Train accident in Washington Dc yesterday.

The Amstrek train derail that killed at least three people while 100 others were injured yesterday was reportedly not having positive Train Control. More than 100 persons were reported transport to the hospital in pierce and Thurston counties, Creek more said. Four of the suffered serious injuries, said Cary Evans,  who is the spokesman for CHI FRANCISCAN Health

According to the AMSTREK PRESIDENT AND CO-CEO Richard Anderson,  “Positive Train control was otherwise activated on the tracks when derailment happened”

 Positive train control is said to be a technology that automatically slows down, and eventually stops a train if it senses it is going too fast

Thirteen cars jumped the track. The train had 14 cars, including two engines, said Brook Bova of the Washington State Patrol.

A  passenger on the train says his car derailed and everyone “catapulted” into the seat in front.
The National Transportation Safety Board sent a 20-member team to investigate, also Photos from the scene show at least one train car on the road, with another dangling over it.