See How 30 Dr’s spent 12 hours in a surgery to separate conjoined twins.

In what has been discribed as the most complex and rear cases of birth, 30 doctors have spent about 12 hours in surgery to separate love and Prince. Discribing the birth as a rear one in over five lakh because they have a common liver urinary bladder intestine and fused pelvic bones which made the case very complex.

The twins who were delivered on the 19th of September 2016, were separated on the 12th December 2017 over a year after they were born.

The 26 year old mother of the conjoined twins had Sheetal Zalte said, she learnt about their condition during the fifth month of their pregnancy when she was visiting her parents.

However, the head of paediatrics, surgery, Wada hospital who led the team of 30 Dr’s monitoring the children in the intensive care unit Dr Pradnya Bendra said, ” They had to be operated carefully as we feared they may suffer heavy bleeding or their blood pressure may drop” the surgery lasted for 12 hours, giving anesthesia to children is always challenging as one has to be accurate with the dose.”she added. See more photos below.