Chairman Alliance For New Nigeria, plateau state congratulate National chairman as ANN GETS registered


                                                                                                     Alliance For New Nigeria
                                                                                                     Plateau State Chapter.

Dear Sir,

The Plateau state Chairman of Alliance For New Nigeria Party Joshua D. Tsok, and the good members on the  plateau wishes ​ to congratulate ANN national coordinator , national excos and all members of ANN home and abroad on  the succesful registration of the political party.

Sir, the plateau state ANN is indeed confident in ANN as a party because Our Aims, objectives and Symbols signifies differneces amongs others. We are optimistic that with people like you staering the ship of this wonderful party, we shall get somewhere.

We promised to support you to keep striving hard to make ANN  a very strong party in Nigeria. God bless ANN God bless plateau state God bless Nigeria.

Sign by J.D. TSOK
 Chairman​ plateau state ANN.

R. N Yahaya
Publicity secretary plateau state.