You will think there’s no governor in Zamfara state -see why.

A veteran journalist with Press TV International Tehran Iran Danjuma Abdullahi ,wrote a heartbroken post on how some pregnant women died of pregnancy related complications in Zamfara state.  He discribed it as a state where one will think there are no public office holders in that state.

The post reads..100 women died of pregnancy complications in Zamfara state in 2016….Advocacy Nigeria Network. You will think there is no governor in Zamfara. No Commissioner of Health paid by the government. No LGA Chairmen? You will wonder why these public officials have not resigned.You will think this happened in 1916! You will think this happened in a poor country. You will think that out of the 36 Nigerian states, this only happened in Zamfara. You will be shocked at the statistics when the accurate records are put together from the states. Will this situation ever change? Women must not lose their lives while bringing life to this world.