Will this serve as governor Lalong’s campaign ticket for 2019?

Some major roads in the Jos metropolis are in such a deteriorating state, this is with little or no concern at all from the government of the day. This pictures shows the road in the suborb of the population OLA hospital known as maternity, it is also the road linking Jan kwana hospital,  pool,  masalacin jumma’a and others.

But sadly, the road is in such a bad shape that motorists have to always find it very difficult to drive past, this is mostly very difficult when a truck is coming from the JMDB to Katako market, the inconvenience is totally unacceptable.

Come to think of it this road users are exigible for taxation by the government and yet they are being subjected to this kind of difficulty in their domain?

One wouldn’t help but think or assumed,  that the government really want to make the citezens desperate and later use it as a ticket to campaign for the next coming election which Is fast approaching, otherwise theres need for an exigent action. See more photos after the cut