Domestic violence -Man brutalised wife, beats her for each Facebook like on her photos.

 A jealous husband Pedro Harberto Galeano has been arrested by the police following his constant assault of his wife. Pedro,  32, was said to have brutalised his 21 year old wife Adolfina CarellI for each like her post recieved on Facebook.

Adolfina reportedly underwent a surgery because according to the police, her face was damaged due to constant punches she had recieved from Pedro who had since taken over her cellphone,  and will post her pictures where her friends will like n react to it and he will in turn punch and kick her for every like, reaction recorded.

Pedro’s father had reported his son to the police under the fair that Adolfina,might die in captivity where her husband was keeping her hustage.

Adolfina’s lawyer Arnold Martin said the maximum penalty for Pedro might reach 30 years in prison for femicide deprivation.