Uni-Zik VC accuses staff for watching ponography more than they work.

The Nnamdi Azikiwe University vice chancelor Joseph Ahaneku, alledged that aboit 40 percent of the school staffs spends more time watching pornographic videos than doing what they were actually employed to do which is work. 

The punch reported that the Vice Chancellor said the staff had requested for computers to make their jobs easier but while monitoring their activities from his own network, he discovered that they warent using the computers for the purpose of work but rather watching porn, and said that was why the school decided to remove youtube from its resource center.

This is one reason we shut down YouTube from the university’s resource center. People should be made to be conscientious as well as do what they have been assigned to do and eschew indolence. There have been a lot of abuses on facilities that, ordinarily, should aid staff in their jobs and as a result plan is are underway to remove the televisions in central offices. Spending government time without doing what one is paid for is an act of corruption.”