President Muhammadu Buhari has launched action plan to stop violence against extremism.

By Omoruyi

sident Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday launched a Policy Framework and National Action Plan to prevent and counter violent extremism.
The Action Plan is a three-year action plan to be implemented by ministries, departments, and agencies.
Highlights: The president said he believes faithful implementation will mitigate hate speech, twisted religious ideology, and violence in the country.
He calls on states and local governments to follow suit by drawing up their actions plan.
It was developed through consultations with Nigerians in and outside the government. I have directed that all ministries, departments and agencies institutionalise mainstream measures to address the root causes of violent extremisms while implementing programmes that build the resilience of our people to recover from the consequences of violence,” he said.
The action plan is to be coordinated by the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) and is adopting the whole of government approach.
The core constituencies include youth and students, women and girls, families, school and teachers, community leaders, faith-based organisations and leaders, health and social workers, CBO, media and social media influencers, political leaders among others.