Exclusive -Operation Lafiya Dole currently servings in northeast Nigeria has threatened security breach if……

The Nigerian military personnel who are currently serving in the north eastern part of Nigeria, under the name “Overstayed soldiers” has called on the federal government,  to as a matter of urgency address the lingering transfer of personnel from their duty posts.

According to the report, the soldiers are complaining bitterly about the lack of rotation which is supposed to be a yearly afair but failed to be fulfilled. Information also revealed that this and other pety frustrations where part of thw ugly incidence which occured weeks back that lead to thw unfurtunate death of one captain Mani. Read below.




I humbly found this media as a better means to intimate ASA with the disobedience issue of the above mentioned subject. The COAS in his effort to ensure overstayed sldrs are been fully rotated from the interior part of NE (OP LAFIA DOLE), give directive to Corps & Directorate commanders to propagate the rotation of their own sldrs in the late 2016. Since then, discipline Corps like the Nigerian Army Corps of Signals effect the commencement of their rotation in Dec 2016 and hitherto. The COAS also in his combined conference held at AHQ command officers mess between 17-20 sep 17 bitterly re-orders Corps & Directorate to ensure the conduct the subject, and this trigger massive Corps rotation of offrs/sldrs in the NE by Corps like NAS, NAEME, NAEC, MED, CHAP, NACA e.t.c To offrs/sldrs of these Corps it is a thing of joy and celebration while some of their colleques is a Suden death, since their comrade whom they came together are leaving on daily basic while their hope has no face.

Sir, I wish to alert you that, sabortages and indisciplined generals commanding some other Corps jetterson your orders and still yet are not ready to follow it. Offrs/sldrs of such groups are totally demoralise because their colleques whom they came together are been rotated while some of us live without faith of leaving the theatre, due to their disobedience to your directive This is unmilitary like of them. Some of us from such Corps are already running our fouth years in this NE. The indispline group of generals include the director DAPT, commander NACE, NACST, etc thes group of seniors officers did not follow your effort to ensure smooth rotation of overstayed in the theatre. We don’t know if the offrs/sldrs the are holding behinds are their lords.

Sir, it is not surprising that majority of the incidence that are happening in this theatre are as the result of overstayed in the theatre, and very soon the worst may occur. Of a recent an officer was shot death by a SNCO and it is surprising to know that the SNCO has already spend 4 years in the theatre. Psychopathically, much of such cases are bound to happen under such issue and many other that can fail the operation.

I wish to recommend that such commanders & directors are incompetent in their fields and lack charisma which ends at sabortagging your good work that is supposed to be applause. The worst among this group is the Director DAPT. His sldrs has made several effort to reach the director but he still remain adamant of not doing anything.

Sir, we look forward for your consideration into these issue, we have stay long and contribute immensely in the LAFIA DOLE please let us join our families like others.