Kim Kardashian says her sorogate had no idea whose baby she was carrying.

Kim Kardashian has made a surprising revelation about her surrogate saying the surrogate has no idea whose baby she was carrying at first. “she didn’t know she was carrying Kim and  Kanye west’s baby – at first, anyway”!

“She didn’t know at the beginning,” the 37-year-old Keeping Up With The 

Kim made this revelation in an interview on The Real on Thursday (November 16). 
Kim further explained why she decided to make it known: “You could do it totally anonymously. You could go that route. And I just felt like, whoever is carrying my baby, what if they weren’t a fan of me or my husband? What if they didn’t want to be carrying our baby? I wanted to give them that choice, and be proud and on the same page. I wanted a relationship with her.”

Kim disclosed what happened when her surrogate found out: “She was really excited. She was someone who had watched the show – not like a super fan, that it would have been uncomfortable – but she’d seen my struggle and seen how open I was about it, so she was really proud to do it.”

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