Floating island reportedly spotted in the Caribbean Sea.

Images and video shared by a photographer on the paradise island of Roatan show the horrendous outcome of our rubbish habits. Off the coast of Roatan, part of Honduras’s Caribbean Bay Islands, Caroline Power found an island of rubbish, floating around the Caribbean sea.

“It was devastating and sickening. It lowered my faith in humanity. We were going on a day trip to a set of underwater islands that are still ‘unspoiled’ by humans. Yet one of the trash lines was directly over site,” Power said.

Power originally shared pictures and video of the island in mid-October, saying: “THIS HAS TO STOP.” She also put out a challenge, telling organisations to separate their rubbish for one week – then, apart from recyclables and organic material, see just how much is left. She added, however, that she’d also received a negative reaction from local dive shop owners worried that the global attention her pictures had garnered could hurt the image of the island and