My book ‘Antidote of corruption’ has earn me a lot of money -Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State has told Leke Baiyewu in an interview with the punch newspaper, that he has made alot of money from the sale of his book ‘Antidote of corruption’ he further disclose that the book is in high demands overseas.

Melaye, named Germany,  America and Russia as the countries where the demand for the book is high. Read below.

You recently authored and published a book on corruption. Why did you venture into writing?
You cannot cure a disease if you don’t diagnose it. You cannot fight corruption without educating people on corruption. Because of my passion to fight corruption, I decided to go into research and put together my experience as an anti-corruption crusader in form of a book that I called ‘Antidote for Corruption’ so that Nigerians can understand the level of corruption. I mentioned names and characters in that book. You cannot ‘restitute’, ameliorate, palliate or correct without exposition.
How acceptable is the book in terms of sale?
As I speak to you, I have sold over 100,000 copies. I travelled recently to Germany and I took 500 copies along with me. I have been called that the copies have been exhausted. I went to Russia with 100 copies. As I speak to you, they’ve all been sold. I sent 1,000 copies to the United Kingdom; they’ve been completely sold. I sent 2,500 copies to five states in (the United States of) America and they are still demanding more. I want to believe that it has been properly received. Within the country here, I have also made huge sales. I am laughing all the way to the bank.