Nigerian rapper Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf CDQ says he beverage abandoned Tiwa Savages Husband.

Nigerian rapper, Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf known as CDQ has revealed in anninterview with punch, insisting that he never abandoned Tiwa Savage’s husband, Teebillzwhen the latter had marital issues. He said he had done all he could to reach Teebillz when he was struggling with his marriage, saying all his efforts proved abortive.
The duo who now has his recording company has made it clear that it wasn’t an easy journey said no stroggles no success. In his exact words he narrates how the journey has been so far. Abubakaralso shades light on why he turned down Davido at a certain time. 
I tried my best to reach him at that period, but he was not reachable. Then, I was working with a record company, General Records, and they needed returns on their investment. So, I could not stop the flow of things. It wasn’t the company’s business whether anyone was going through hard times or not. That was why I needed to move on. We are still friends. He is a big brother to me and he advises me a lot,” he added.
“Being a solo artiste has been good, but I will not say it has been rosy all through. But when I make N100, I know all the money is for me alone and I can decide what to do with it. When I was with a record company, it was a different ball game. Once I made N100, they would keep N70 to themselves.
“I was so close to MasterKraft before I got signed on to General Records. There is General Records on one side and Mastercraft on the other side. The two are different entities.
“For people who believe I left General Records so soon, they may need to check what I have been able to achieve as a solo artiste and what I did while I was with the label. They don’t really know what is happening but at the end of the day, I am still part of my former label.  We are a small family and I didn’t just leave abruptly; we had an understanding before I left.”
“If I had taken up Davido’s offer, I think I would have done better for myself, but you have to think of other things too. It may have affected my music career as well because he is an artiste like me and he has a career to keep. Davido is a great person. Despite his success, whenever we are together, he is still humble,” he said.