Vice president Osinbajo has a PhD in lying -Asari Dakubo.

Ex militant and former Niger leader Asari Dokubo lamented the pollution of the water in the Niger Delta saying the regions are not benefitting from the oil. Asari Dokubo has lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari saying he is able to fly himself and his family with a Presidential private jet because of oil money from Niger Delta but jas no consideration of the peoples plight.

According to Dakubo, the people have been impoverished while some other persons are awarded oil bloc at the people’s expense: “You know we are Ijaw people. See our river. Its oil that changed the colour. I’m showing you how oil destroyed our river. But some people are enjoying our money in Abuja; they’re enjoying our money in Lagos. “We are suffering.

 President Buhari just travelled with his family with our presidential jet and packed Ijaw people money there. He went to Turkey to enjoy. “See the water. It has been polluted. See how dirty the water it. This is the plight of the people from the oil-producing area. “We are dredging sand from the river and they come and tell us that we are lazy people. Our oil is making Buhari fly presidential jet. 

“They give our oil bloc to other people at our own expense while we are poor. The people are working. The owner of oil resources are living wretched lives while those who do not know anything about oil are living in unimaginable outlet. “We will not agree. We will not accept. They just stole $65 billion at NNPC. Look at our river. It is totally polluted.

He however launched a verbal attack on the personality and dignity of vice president Yemi Osinbajo in a video rant where he accused the vice president of lying and specifically says the vice president has a “PhD in lying”.