Glee star Salling tried suicide before Plea bargain.

Reports from multiple sources has indicated that Mark Saling has tried to commit suicide before his plea bargain.  He reportedly slit his wrists while trying to kill himself prior to his child phonography case.

The incident allegedly took place in the bedroom of Salling’s Los Angeles home on August 22, both TMZ and The Mirror write. Saling was said to have immediately yealed out for his roommate after realising what he had don.
The roommate rushed in, found Salling covered in his own blood and called 911. Fortunately, it wasn’t too late.
Paramedics immediately rushed to the scene, placed the actor in an ambulance and took him to the hospital.
He was later taken to a psychiatric eveluation after the attempted suicide. TMZ has disclosed that as the reason why salinger is alway wearing a long sleave. Mark is said to have concentrate on himself now and is restricted where teenagers bellow 18 are.