I hope God gives Nigerians the patience to tolerate my administration. President Buhari

The President of Nigeria,  Muhammadu Buhari has stated that he hopes God will give Nigerians the patience to tolerate his administration  recounting how Nigeria made so much money from the sale of crude oil in the international market, before he came into office –

 Speaking at the prwsidential villa on friday 6 October,  the president however, reiterated that the price of oil crashed drastically when he assumed office, and there were no savings, the president therefore expressed hope that Nigerians will receive patience from God, to be able to tolerate his administration.

 He said: “I have said it so many times; I don’t mind saying it now to you because some of you may not have even the time to listen to radio or watch television as regularly as other people do. “From 1999 to 2014, Nigeria has never realised so much resources since our independence, never, because the average production was 2.1 million barrel per day at an average cost of 100 dollars per barrel. “But when we came in, it crashed to 37 dollars per barrel, and we overlooked saving and there was no saving. “So really, we have just started working and we hope God in his infinite mercy would give Nigerians the patience to tolerate us”