Check out the Leaked photos of the Las Vegas shooter

Photos of Stephen Paddock, the 64 year old millionaire gambler who shot and  killed 58 people with other hundreds of others injured has surfaced online. The photos show the horrifying scene SWAT teams encountered when they blew the door off Paddock’s nicely furnished Mandalay Bay hotel suite and found him dead inside.
The 64 year old Paddock was said to have set up cameras in a door peephole and two cameras on a room service cart outside his room to let him know when police or security arrived.
The leaked photos showed Stephen Paddock’s body on the floor of his suite in the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, which he used as a sniper’s nest on Sunday night to open fire on 22,000 innocent citizens who were attending a musical concert,…
Only the legs of the deceased was seen on the floor and next to the body are two assault rifles, dozens of spent shells and a hammer – which he presumably used to shatter two windows in his two-room suite which he then used to shoot out of.