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The site reports that Kylie began sharing the news with friends during the Day N Night music festival held in Anaheim earlier this month.

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Photo

If you recall, Jenner and Scott began dating back in April, and sources close to the pair say they wasted no time in becoming a serious couple.
Just the same, Kylie’s fans are stunned by the news that she’s expecting – and on behalf of the celebrity gossip world, we’d have to agree.
There’s currently no word on how far along Jenner is, but TMZ reports that Scott has been telling friends she’s expecting a baby girl.
(UPDATEShe’s four months along … follow the link to find out the baby’s gender and the latest details, as confirmed by her inner circle.)
The 20-year-old reality star and cosmetics mogul seemingly confirmed reports of her pregnancy by posting the above photo to Snapchat.
She shared it just moments ago.

Life of Kylie Scene

Fans have suggested that Kylie may be playing some sort of elaborate prank, but we doubt she’d engage in anything quite so asinine.
After all, she certainly doesn’t need the attention.
We should note that Kylie has made no official announcement yet, but the story is now being reported by several major media outlets.
It sure doesn’t look like she’ll be issuing a denial.
Moreover, the expectant couple “started telling friends a few weeks ago,” a source close to Kylie tells People magazine.
“The family has known for quite some time,” the insider shared, adding, “Kylie is really excited about it and so is Travis!”
We’re sure he is thrilled. 

Kylie Jenner, White Robe with Nails

The news comes on the heels of weeks of rumors about Kylie and Travis getting engaged, which perhaps isn’t as far-fetched as we thought.
Some sources have even gone so far as to claim Jenner and Scott are secretly married already (again, unlikely, but not as unlikely now).
We usually dismiss rumors of that nature, but now that Kylie Jenner is an expectant mother, somewhat out of nowhere, all bets are off.
In the weeks to come, we’re sure to see hundreds of hot takes and thinkpieces about Kylie’s decision to become a mom in this fashion.
What sort of impact it might have on her life – and more significantly, on the lives of millions of impressionable teenage fans?
The fallout from this bombshell has just begun.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

At the end of the day, it’s Kylie’s life here.
She’s free to do with it what she pleases, and it’s not like she’ll have any trouble supporting Kris’ latest grandchild financially.
Giving her the benefit of the doubt, it’s easy to see her being a more nurturing, involved parent than most people her age.
Let us be the first to offer our most sincere congratulations go out to Kylie and Travis on this highly unexpected news!
We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available … which we expect to be soon.