Gulder Ultimate Search winner of the 2006 Edition, Hector Joberteh has been shot dead by Unknown gunmen in his home yesterday in Lagos.

Below is a post by a Friend to the deceased. I hope I survive this shock.

A Lady that we have been friends here for over 2years chat me this morning that she will like to worship at my church today, of course I was very happy because we have not met before and I was like I will be happy to meet her.

I told her that unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to see her but she can go to the church and I dropped the church address for her, she dropped her number for me to call her when I’m done because I will be busy.

When I am through where I went to, I called her to ask if she has gone. She said, Tosin sudden thing happened immediately she drop her number for me, she said she heard a knock on her flat door and she asked who’s there and a man answered and told her that a car is parked and it blocked his way to drive pass that who is the owner of the car, she said she don’t know and those men flashed their gun and pushed her, they said they have been trailing the car and the car parked not long time ago, she cannot do anything than to confess that the owner is living in upstair.

They went there to shoot the man, he was rushed to hospital but he couldn’t survive it. The victim actually went to pick his younger brother in MM2 airport this morning where the thief/assassin were trailing him from.

R.I.P Hector Joberteh, The Winner of Season3 Gulder Ultimate Search. (2006).

Meanwhile the Lagos state police command has confirmed the death of 2006 Gulder Ultimate search season 3 winner, Hector Joberteh and that investigation is still going on to trail the culprit.