Special Assistant to the Senate president on international Relations,  Bamikole Omishore,  has debunk the ongoing allegation of his principal Bukola Saraki along other senators involve in an alleged  offshore company scandal.  Read through:

Last night, I got a hint that  some publications are planning to break a story concerning my principal on the issue of one offshore company believed to be related to him. I am aware that my colleagues in the media team are working with the lawyers to give adequate response.

In the meantime, let me state that in my capacity as SA International Relations, I have made a quick and preliminary check on the issue and I found out that the company involved was incorporated in 2001 when Dr. Saraki was still in the private sector and did not hold any public office. It is not an “active” company, such that when the matter was first raised with Dr. Saraki, he really could not remember the existence of such an entity. It is a dormant company which had never transacted any business, did not hold any bank account and has no asset. Unlike the case of other companies in the on-going international media enquiries in which their owners used them to acquire hidden assets, stash money away from public view or make illegal transactions, the company in question  traced to Saraki has never been used for any purpose and thus it has nothing to hide. 

It should also be noted that there  is no illegality committed by Dr. Saraki in the incorporation and existence of the company at the time he did.

On the issue of whether it was declared as part of the assets of the Senate President in the Code of Conduct form for public officers, I am aware that the Senate President has fully complied with the law in the declaration of assets concerning all the companies in which he has subsisting controlling and substantial shares. 

This brief clarification is based on my own personal checks and findings. The lawyers and members of the media team will provide a more comprehensive response to the issue.

Thank you.

Bamikole Omishore
SA (International Relations ), Office of the  Senate President.

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