Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has revealed that if he loses the February 25 presidential election, he would take it as his fate, because “I am not the first loser neither am I going to be the last.”


Atiku disclosed this during an interview on BBC Pidgin on Tuesday.



He added that all corrupt allegations against him had been investigated and nothing had been found.


“All what I know; all corrupt practices or corrupt allegations against me have been investigated in this country more than anybody else and nothing was found against me. That audio has disclosed nothing new,” he said.


Responding on why he wanted to be Nigerian president, Atiku said he had many children and he wanted to leave a better country for his children and also the future generation of this country.


He said:



“First of all, let me start from private perspective, I have many children I brought them up well sent them to the best schools both within Nigeria and outside as I normally tell them I have lived my life and If I should bring them all back home; what kind of a country am I going to leave for them and this thinking that I have is a thinking that every parent in this country, what kind of a country am I going to leave for my kids; is it a better country or not?


“This is one of the reasons behind my perseverance to run for the office of this country not only for my kids but for the future generation of this country; everybody’s kids.”


He also said he would take it in good fate if he lost the presidential election slated for February 25, 2005


“That is my fate, I take it in very good faith I am not the first loser neither am I going to be the last,” he said.


“I don’t go for any medical treatment abroad other than normal medical checkup the only medical problem I have was if you recall in 2006 in an election year like this I tripped from staircase and injured my knee and I went to Germany for treatment I didn’t have any fracture; I just have what they call Tendon Rupture and the Tendon was brought back in, so that’s the only sickness I have and if electoral authorities say we should produce our medical reports, I am ready to produce my medical reports.”


“Whatever medical attention I require is available in the country I will avail myself of that facility but if it is not available; what do you want me to do? To sit down and die?”


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