By Ahmed Ahmed

An NGO Attah Sisters Helping Hands (ASHH) conduct town hall meetings on peaceful coexistence in communities of Bauchi and Ganjuwa local government areas of the state.


The town hall meeting was conducted in Miri and Kafin Madaki communities of Ganjuwa and Bauchi LGAs respectively and recently.


The participants are religious leaders and community leaders, women leaders, youth leaders and other members of the community.


The Facilitator of Miri Community, Mrs Judith Ofonedu explained that The objectives of the meeting was to deliberate on Strategies for peaceful coexistence and as well proffer ways to resolve conflict in the communities.


It was mentioned that peace is a relative term which is referred to when there is no war or crisis or destruction of life and properties happening in the communities.


“While at community level, they ensure that every head of household is responsible for his household to behave well, the head of community is also responsible to ensure every household in the community adheres to the rules and regulations of the community.


“They also leveraged on the teachings of both religions in mosques and churches as well as in schools, peer groups, business groups and networks to provide sound moralities to members of the communities,” she said.



At Kafin Madaki Community , Mr Sule Joseph who is the Facilitator enlighten the participants on the importance of peace in the community;


“Peace is the absence of war, a state of tranquility. This can only be achieved collectively, although there are elements that mitigate peace and peaceful coexistence in the community which must be resisted at all cost,” He said


Meanwhile the participants identify some of the causes of unrest which includes unemployment- lack of what to do by youth is what makes them become tools in the hands of the politicians.

The solution is for the Government to provide these youths with skill.
“Lack of proper home training- when members of the community most especially the youths are devoid of home training it gives birth to all the ills seen in the community.



The solution is that parents should ensure that children are trained properly,” he said.


However, it was concluded it is the duty of parents to ensure that children are raised with the proper values and when this Is achieve it will reduce about 80% of the ills in the society.

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