Mr Frank Geng-Quangrong, Chinese National, on Thursday, testified before a Kano High Court that he don’t want to be killed because he never intended to kill his Nigerian girlfriend, Ummukulsum Sani Buhari.


The defendant, who lives at Railway Quarters Kano is standing trial on one count charge of culpable homicide.


Frank, led in evidence by defence counsel, Mr Muhammad Dan’azumi, tendered a black mobile phone Redmi, WhatsApp messages, pictures,videos of the deceased and a certificate of compliance dated March 8.


The exhibits include the defendant phone, WhatsApp computer generated chats between Frank and Ummukulsum between Sept.13 and Sept.16, 2022.


Other exhibits include pictures, the receipt of the N5 million gold jewelries he bought for Ummukulsum and a 4GB black flash drive containing videos of the deceased in his house.


When the video was played in court room, deceased was seen happy with her dog Charlie in Frank’s house situated at Railway Quarters Kano.


Dan’azumi played the second video clip to the court showing the deceased at the site of her house in Abuja, as well as sitting on 7 bails of clothes Frank bought for their marriage, the gate of the deceased house and his car on his way to the deceased house on Sept.16,2022.


While cross-examing the defendant,
the prosecution counsel, Kano Attorney General, Barr. Musa Abdullahi-Lawan, asked the defendant where was he in the video and who sent him the video or did he download it on Tiktok.


“Ummukulsum seems very happy and alive in the video, she is dead now, who killed her?


“You told the court in your testimony that on that fateful day you called the deceased severally on phone but she refused to pick.
Why did you go to their house uninvited and on reaching there, when the door was open you rushed into the house”


Frank told the court that it was the deceased that sent him the video, herself accompanied by her brother Sadiq and friend Mubarak when she visited her house site in Abuja.


He said, he did not intend to kill Ummukulsum and he don’t want to be killed saying that “she injured me on my genital and I cannot show the court it is against his Chinese culture and Islam he is a Muslim”.

On that fateful day we made a WhatsApp call and she said I should bring her pet dog Charlie.


“On reaching her house, after refusing to pick my call, I sent her a text message, later her mother, Fatima Zubairu came and opened the gate and i rushed in to pick Charlie.


He said, he did not talk to the deceased’s mother because she does not understand English and I don’t understand Hausa language.


According to the charge sheet, prepared by Kano Attorney General alleged that the defendant on Sept.16, 2022 stabbed the deceased with a knife in her house at Janbulo Quarters Kano, an action which is contrary to section 221 (b) of Penal Code and punishable with death
The defendant, however, pleaded not guilty.


Justice Sanusi Ado-Ma’aji, admitted the exhibits and adjourned the matter until March 29 and March 30, for continuation of defense and cross-examination.



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