Iran President Ebrahim Raisi’s Official Statement over conflict with Israel

President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi has issued a statement over the conflict which broke out between his country and Israel.
President Raisi said that any new reckless response by its opponent would be met with a very strong and harsher response from his country.
The statement reads:
“The Iranian armed forces taught the zionist enemy a lesson.
Any new reckless response from the enemy will be met with a stronger and harsher response.

The defensive action carried out by the armed forces is a natural right to legitimate defence of our country in response to the zionist aggression on our interests.

Last night’s combined operations carry a message of strength and power to the Islamic nation and a message of fear and humiliation to the enemies of humanity.
Iran has used all regional and international capabilities in recent months to warn the international community of the ineffectiveness of the Security Council.
Yesterday’s operation comes in the context of defending Iran’s sovereignty and national interests, punishing the enemies, and enhancing regional security.
The Iranian action was smart and calculated, and the Iranian drones and missiles targeted zionist military bases.
We consider peace and stability in the region essential for our national security and will not hesitate to make any effort to revive stability and peace.

The Zionist entity is the one that threatens international security and stability in the region through its continuous violations and brutal crimes over the past 6 months in Gaza.
Resistance is the key word for reviving peace and regional security and ending the occupation and terrorism in all its forms.” he concluded.