Federal Ministry of Health & Social Welfare dedicated to advancing public health outcomes across Nigeria




The Federal Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (@Fmohnigeria) said it is dedicated to advancing public health outcomes across Nigeria, prioritising improving access to top-tier oncology services.


This initiative is a cornerstone of our extensive Health Sector Renewal Investment Program, which also aims to enhance reproductive, maternal, child, and adolescent health services.



Acknowledging the escalating burden of non-communicable diseases like cancer and diabetes, which impose substantial health and economic challenges on the Nigerian populace, the Ministry initiated the Oncology Initiative in 2021.



This project is set to enhance cancer treatment capabilities through focused healthcare investments. Key strategies include:

Establishing nuclear medicine centres.
Enhancing existing healthcare facilities.
Introducing modern medical technology in selected tertiary institutions.




It further noted that, despite early setbacks, the Oncology Initiative has gained momentum under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s (@NGRPresident @officialABAT) administration.


Its clear mandate is to expedite partnerships with key ministries and agencies for effective rollout.


Also, a pivotal development occurred this Friday with the formalisation of a collaboration with the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (@nsia_nigeria), aimed at offering project management and advisory services to facilitate the Oncology Initiative’s smooth execution. President Tinubu has demonstrated his commitment by allocating N37.4 billion towards this initiative, marking a significant investment in our healthcare infrastructure.

To guarantee nationwide access to oncology services, six teaching hospitals across all geopolitical zones have been selected:

1. University of Benin Teaching Hospital (@ubthng)

2. Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (@abuthshika)

3. Federal Teaching Hospital Katsina (@Official_fthk)

4. University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (@officialunth)

5. Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH)

6. Lagos University Teaching Hospital (@LUTHofficial)

These facilities will be outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including linear accelerators, iridium brachytherapy machines, CT simulators, PET scanners, and cyclotrons, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective oncology treatment.

This agreement underscores the potential of effective governance and visionary leadership. With a focus on serving the people, we believe that every obstacle is manageable. The NSIA’s Governing Board will shortly review and ratify the agreement.

We also work closely with the Standards Organization of Nigeria (@SONNigeria) and the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (@NNRA_Official) to effectively monitor and implement these initiatives.

To ensure transparency, we will engage CSOs, the media, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (@officialEFCC) to oversee expenditures and prevent fund misappropriation. Additionally, a central oversight committee, composed of experts, will supervise project execution and financial management, ensuring resources are utilised efficiently.

Our goal is to establish the six oncology centres, fully equipped and staffed, with operational training programs and regulatory frameworks within the next 18-24 months. We appeal for the support and collaboration of all Nigerians and relevant agencies to ensure a transparent operation and deliver meaningful benefits to our citizens.

Upholding the welfare of the Nigerian people as our utmost priority, we are committed to achieving the objectives of the Oncology Initiative for the betterment of our nation, honouring our duty to God and our country.