Nobody will intimidate APC in Bauchi State – Guber. candidate, Abubakar



The All Progressive Congress (APC) Gubernatorial Candidate in Bauchi state Air Marshal Saddique Abubakar (RTD) has declared that Nobody will intimidate the Party in the state.


Our correspondent reports that there was a political clash between supporters of the ruling People Democratic Party (PDP) and opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) at Duguri hometown of the state governor Sen. Bala Mohammed that lead to the death of a person and scores injured

He gave the warning at a press briefing weekend in Bauchi, saying APC is not a loose party that would be easily intimidated by the government in power.

Abubakr explained that already the party is accepted and the citizens are behind the party to wrestle power from the PDP led administration.

He also pointed out that neither himself nor his party can be intimidated as build up to the March 18th gubernatorial election.

“So, I want to say that the APC will not be intimidated, we will look at all situations and I have told all my supporters to exercise maximum restraint.

“To make sure that they did not attack anybody. Whether they like it or not, by the grace of God, this PDP government will be dismantled by the people, the collective will of all the citizens of Bauchi State cannot be intimidated by bullets.”

”Nobody will intimidate APC, I mean nobody. What I urged the Governor to do, is to explain and provide answers to the questions I raised.

He added that such as why salaries are not paid and why is a consultant contracted to pay worker’s , collapse of health, education has also collapse among others

According to him, If you go to mobilize thugs just because you want to intimidate people,

“Apart from us they are also intimidating traditional rulers and title holders, in some of the places we went all the traditional rulers were gone and disappeared because they were scared.”

He warned the Governor not to go about intimidating people”threatening them that if they receive me, he will sack them, even his brother in Duguri, he was not there, he ran away

“But I went inside the Palace because it is not the person but the traditional institution that I respect, I don’t care whether you are there or not

“I went there, greeted the so called person that said that he was representing him but shortly after I left, he came back, it is extremely sad.” he said

The Governorship candidate appeals to t APC supporters not to be distracted by these fictitious claims of the PDP, as a state, we are united that this government has failed and that we are going to send it packing by the Special grace of God on the 18th of March, the people will speak,” he said.

Abubakar called on his supporters wherever they are in Bauchi state not to shed anybody’s blood.

‘I challenge the Governor to make this simple sentence if he can, he has never said it and I have said it in all the 20 LGAs, what I heard him saying is that if somebody brings out his finger, we will break it,


“That is what I heard in Dass, I challenge him to come out clearly and say this is what I told my people: don’t shed anybody’s blood, don’t take anyone’s life, that is a challenge and I hope that he will say it but I know that he will not.”



The gubernatorial candidate said democratic process is not a war, they are not fighting a war and I have told my supporters that we don’t fight a ward with billboards, posters,

” It is about knowledge, explanation, persuasion for them to believe you and vote for you based on the situation on the ground.

“In sha Allah, APC will win the election and dismantle the unjust government and make the people be free again and be the custodians of governance unlike now where just a few people sit at the Government House to decide the fate of the millions of people in the State.” He said