Nigeria/Africa deserve good leadership, Stability and Economic revitalization-By Prof. Nuhu Abubakar


By Professsor Nuhu Abubakar


-These are my thoughts in the best interest of our Nation and Continent-
My dear Compatriots, what I believe our Nation and Continent deserves now is.



A leader or leadership that understands the existence of a negative generational Globalist Perception that “the Peace, Stability and Economic prosperity of Nigeria and Africa as a whole is a threat to the domination of the Conceptual West”.


Therefore, in Nigeria/Africa’s international Relations, the Continent must deliberately identify and elect a new generation  of Leadership that will pioneer a leadership philosophy, approach or strategy, that will deconstruct and disrupt the fears and negative perception of the Conceptual West towards Africa’s Development and embolden their belief within the mental construct that “A DEVELOPED AFRICA IS A WORTHY COURSE FOR GLOBAL PEACE AND ECONOMIC STABILITY.

It is the collective Responsibility of the leadership of Africa to lead a Global Mentality Review Agenda(GMRA) that will project a new mental trajectory to the world that is premised upon the Philosophy that “AFRICA’S DEVELOPMENT IS NEVER A GLOBAL THREAT TO POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC PROSPERITY OF ANY NATION”. African Leadership must project Africa as a Brave Partner, Resourceful Friend and a Valuable Contributor to the stability and Economic prosperity of the world.

This re-contextualized disposition and global approach will encourage legitimate Economic and political Partnerships across all sectors of our economy through the front door; thereby bringing to an end all international conspiracies against Africa’s Development and Economic sabotage.


It is expedient that the world sees and relates with Africa within the context of this new mentality reviewed trajectory, driven by a new generation of African leadership. We need this mentally renewed and proficient leadership across Africa, who will disrupt the mental construct of the conceptual west in this regards, so that we can have stability for development within the continent.


Gaddafi, Mugabe, Nkrumah, Mubarak were all Patriots, BUT their approach to the conceptual west was wrong; because instead of building trust and confidence in partnership, their approach entrenched fear, mistrust and suspicion in the mental construct of the conceptual west.



When African leaders relate with the globalist, deploying and projecting a disposition of antagonism, mutual mistrust, suspicion and tension, the Continent will never be allowed to develop (It is a normal course of Nature in the game of Power, influence, dominance and control), because the people who control Power for generations will never tolerate or succumb to dispositions of threat.


But constructive Economic and Sociopolitical engagements based on the mental construct of Mutual respect, Collective responsibility, shared leadership, common prosperity and a symbiotic respect for the national security interest of each every nation, will propel international coercion and cooperation to stabilize African for development.


My Compatriots, all this grammar is summarize in one word
“Electing a New Generation of leadership with a renewed Mental Trajectory for Nigeria and Africa’s Development is urgently required”.


Without this, the internal mechanisms that guarantees our Country’s and Continent’s security for Economic stability can never be fixed!


The leadership of the Middle East Nations are very good Examples of this leadership Trajectory.



Professor Nuhu Abubakar Atta is an Expert in International Affairs and Diplomacy, a trained Negotiator, skillful lobbyist, master facilitator and a creative strategist.

Atta holds a Ph.D in International Political relations and Diplomacy from Hankuk University for Foreign Service, Seoul South Korea.